The City of Reno is enjoying their once a year classic car event called KOOL KLASSIC NIGHTS. Reno City Officials are unaware that there is a group of terrorists who have also been looking forward to KOOL KLASSIC NIGHTS. They have a plan that not only robs the City of Reno for millions of dollars, but puts every citizen at risk.

Sergeant Rob Stevens is a member of the Reno Police Department, assigned to the Major Crime Unit. His wife, Caryn, is a dispatcher for the City of Reno Police Department. Chief of Police Williams pages Sgt. Stevens to assign him the biggest case of his career.

Work this case alongside Sgt. Stevens and find out if you can determine who is the mastermind behind this crime.

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Kandee’s husband Robert is also an author who writes children’s safety books. Please visit his site at www.bobbyandmandee.com